George VanArragon, CFP®

I have worked in the financial business since 1992, all at the same location in the old Carriage Works building on Wilson Street, Ancaster, with my fellow colleagues.

I also hold a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation. We fully customize an Investment Portfolio, detailed Financial Planning and approach for you.

I also have a full client service team who would know all of your administrative needs personally:

  • Carol Chisholm since 1997

  • Helen Sardo since 2006

We look at each client as a lifetime relationship, related on attaining your goals which always includes financial security. We like to stay in contact and continue to provide a proactive detailed approach and to make adjustments along the way as your life and the world changes. We become the financial “quarterback” as I like to say.

The Bick Advisors work together as a team on our investment, tax, estate and financial planning philosophy for you. We know more, do more, and care more.

Please contact me by email or phone to have a short discussion to see if there would be a good reason to meet.

When we meet, my goal is to see if we connect first of all, and if there are mutually beneficial reasons to consider working together. I also have an information package that I could send if we decide to set up a meeting.