Economic Matters

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Nov. 08, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
IPC Securities Corporation, 128 Wilson St W, Ancaster, ON L9G 1N3, Canada

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Industry Updates: Economic Matters.
4 Part Educational Series. Final Session.
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Rana Chauhan, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist gives us his Industry Insight.

Rana Chauhan, BIO


What I've believed in is to bring order to chaos, to seek structure in the middle of a great deal of uncertainty and define reality - separating sound from noise. To use the data we have from the past and present with honesty about the unknowable future. To not rely on the use of forecasts, relationships or emotions to guide decisions, but to substitute facts, logic and reason. To have a relentless focus know what works, what doesn't and why. Understand the "Why" behind whats happening, and what are the possibilities.
Things change constantly! I've aimed to take what is unclear and make it clear. To take what is a vague concept and make it into a process. To take a system without metrics, strategy, and discipline, and install all of those things simultaneously. To best define reality. This requires being "centre-brained" - a combination of creative and analytical.
As Hans Hofgmsn says "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." 
I believe in a multidisciplinary approach to issues. It's made life more fun, and constructive. This comes form my background in the health sciences, physical sciences, and finance. This teaches us to think in inversion viewpoints - a change in the order of things, a point of reversal. these points happen in medicine, physics and finance.
To tackle the hardest problems, because those are the ones that make us strong, especially when we fail at solving them To have perspective, patience and planning..
"What we try to do is take advantage of errors others make, usually because they are too short-term oriented, or they react to dramatic events, or they overestimate the impact of events, and so on." - Bill Miller
PS it helps to have a sense of humor, some Buddha skills and some Ninja skills: 


Quarterly Commentary - JUNE 2018


After an up-and-down first quarter, developed equity markets had a better second quarter driven largely by the Energy sector despite geo-political risk dragging on returns in June, which helped contribute to negative returns for emerging markets. (To Read more, follow the link and click the Read Latest Commentary) or contact us for your PDF version.


November 08, 2018

Navigating Life's Major Events

Financial planning can help you prepare for life’s major financial events. Creating a financial plan helps you set both short-term and long-term goals, an important step in mapping out and navigating your financial future.